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Red Uno

05:30 Te sigo amando MO  - FR

09:00 Carita de angel MO  - FR

11:00 El premio mayor MO  - FR

14:00 A cor da pecado 
(El color del pecado)
15:00 Asi es la vida  MO - FR
16:00 Amy, la nina de mochilla azul MO - FR
19:00 Floricienta (2nd period) MO - FR
21:00 La Verdad oculta MO - FR

06:00 Esmeralda MO - FR
09:00 Maria la del Barrio MO - FR
11:30 Por un beso MO - FR
14:00 La Mentira MO - FR
15:00 El amor no tiene precio MO - FR
18:00 Rebelde MO - FR
19:00 Sonar no cuesta nada MO - FR
21:00 Barrera de amor MO - FR

RTP Canal 4


20:00 La viuda de la mafia MO - FR
Gente como uno MO - FR

09:00 Yo soy Betty, la fea MO - FR
14:00 El cuerpo del deseo MO - FR
18:00 Pasion de Gavilanes MO - FR
21:00 Senora del destino MO - FR



08:30 La mujer en el espejo MO - FR 
17:30 La estambotica Anastasia MO - FR 
:00 Machos MO - FR 

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- If the telenovela was renamed in this country, the local title is written in green in the next line.

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Maria la del Barrio
Fernando Colunga

Mon - Fri, 09:00 ATB 
Maria is a humble girl from the slums who goes to work to Don Fernando de la Vega's mansion when left alone in the world. She is there despised by Doña Victoria and Luis Fernando, Don Femando's wife and son, respectively. Soraya, supposedly Luis Fernandos cousin, wants to marry him. Therefore, she also becomes Marias enemy and aids Luis Fernando and his mother. Maria decisively and without fear confronts them. Luis Fernando is not able to dominate Maria and decides to court her in order to deceive her, without imagining that they would both fall in love. Soraya realizes

Pasion de Gavilanes
Starring: Mario Cimarro, 
Danna Garcia, Jose Alfonso Baptista, Michelle Brown, Paola Rey, Natasha Klauss, Juan Pablo Shuck

Mon - Fri, 18:00 Unitel

After crossing the borders and leaving their native country where they had very little luck, the Reyes Guerrero brothers settled in a small, but agitated city where they managed to set up a bakery that will help support the family. Juan the eldest is the one in charge of the business and the head of the family. he is a strong, hard working and responsible man, but he is too strict and somewhat primitive. Oscar is the one who follows, he is ambitious and calculating, and he is always looking for money in the least expected way. The third brother is Franco, with a much weaker personality for he has a bohemian soul and is terribly in romance.(more...)