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17:00 Accoralada MO - FR
18:00 Destilando Amor MO - FR


- Telenovelas' titles written in red means that the novela is repeated.
- If the telenovela was renamed in this country,the local title is written in green in the next line.


 Destilando Amor 

Angelica Rivera, 
Eduardo Yanez

MO - FR, 18:00 TLN


The picturesque Mexican town of Tequila, Jalisco, is the backdrop for a gripping love story; a love as ardent, pure and strong as the famous distilled liquor that bears the name of this warm and fertile region where it is produced. Teresa Hernandez, known by her pet name "Gaviota" (seagull), is a field hand who travels the country with her mother, Clara, following the harvest route. Every year, they return to Tequila for the "jima" of the blue agave cactus at the La Montalveρa hacienda, owned by Don Amador, the patriarch of the Montalvo clan, who have been in the tequila business for generations. When this story begins, Don Amador knows that his end is near and decides to spend his last days in (more...)