Last update: 20.09.2006

13:00 Escalera al cielo MO - FR
15:00 Aquelarre MO - FR
20:00 Complices MO - FR
23:00 Entre medias MO - FR

14:30 La tormenta MO - FR
15:30 Amantes MO - FR
22:00 Esclava Isaura 2006 MO - FR

14:30 A cor da pecado 
(El color del pecado) MO - FR

15:30 O Rei do Gado 
(El rey del ganado) MO - FR
20:00 Descarado MO - FR

11:30 Magi-k SATURDAY
14:00 Amar otra vez MO - FR
15:00 El amor no tiene precio MO - FR
17:30 Rebelde MO - FR
18:30 Porky te amo MO - FR

Red Tv

11:00 La Intrusa MO - FR
17:00 La fea mas bella MO - FR
21:00 O clone (El clon) MO - FR

- Telenovelas' titles written in red means that the novela is repeated.
- If the telenovela was renamed in this country, the local title is written in green in the next line.

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La Tormenta
Starring: Natalia Streignard, Christian Meier

MO - FR, 14:30 Chilevision

This telenovela describes the love story between a businesswoman, who have grown up in a rich family and now is a businesswoman, and a farmer from the country. (...)

La Intrusa
Starring: Gabriela Spanic,
Arturo Peniche, Laura Zapata, Sergio Sendel

MO - FR, 15:00 Megavision

Virginia Martinez is a beautiful, honorable woman who works as a governess in the home of Rodrigo Junquera. Rodrigo’s children are: Junior, Carlos Alberto, Raquel, Violeta, Aldo and Memo. Carlos Alberto seduces Virginia with no intention of getting serious with her. She, however, falls truly in love with him. Rodrigo Junquera has squandered his fortune, and now realizes that he is ill with a fatal disease. He knows his children will need someone when he is gone and, thinking of Virginia’s human qualities, asks her to marry him. Sagrario, the housekeeper, shares a big secret with Rodrigo. She has dedicated all her life to this family, and gives Rodrigo’s decision her full support. (more..)