Last update: May 01, 2007

14:05 La vertad oculta (Skrivena istina) MO - FR
15:00 Mundo de fieras (Ljubav i mržnja) MO- FR
16:00 La tormenta  (Oluja) MO - FR


13:45 America MO - FR
14:35 America MO - FR

06:00 Duelo de pasiones (Dvoboj strasti) MO - FR 12:35 Duelo de pasiones (Dvoboj strasti) MO - FR





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- If the telenovela was renamed in this country, the local title is written in green in the next line.

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La Tormenta

Starring: Natalia Streignard, Christian Meier

MO - FR, 16:00 Nova TV 

A spoiled, wealthy woman who has lost everything except a ranch in the country. There she falls for a macho, rough farmer, named Santos Torrealba. She doesn't want to realise that she loves him, but later on she realizes her love for him is the only thing worth living for when times are rough. (...)