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09:25 Sos mi Vida MO - FR

Markiza   STV 1 
08:55 Cuando Seas Mia MO - FR
09:45 Cuando Seas Mia MO - FR
14:15 Sos mi vida MO - FR
  05:10 Rubi MO - FR
07:30 Da cor do pecado MO - FR

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Natalia Oreiro, Facundo Arana

MO - FR 09:25 Prima
MO - FR 14:15 Markiza

Sos mi vida

The beautiful Esperanza is a super featherweight fighter, who is forced to leave the boxing ring after an unexpected injury. She decides to look for a new job to support her good-for-nothing boyfriend Quique and his mother. In her search for work, she arrives at the Quesada company, owned by the handsome Martin. The two meet by chance and fall in love at first sight. A widower, Martin has abandoned his love of car racing following the tragic death of his wife and is about to remarry the ambitious and frivolous Constanza. Martin decides to hire Esperanza as his personal
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Cuando Seas Mia

Starring: Silvia Navarro,
Sergio Basanez

MO - FR, 08:55 Markiza
(double episodes)

Everything started with the death of Lorenzo Sanchez Serrano. Paloma and her mother, Soledad, as they are doing every October are going to Casa Blanca, so as to work as coffe collectors.The death of Lorenzo will bring his family in Casa Blanca, for the funeral and the read of his willing. Paloma and Diego's meet is written to happen. The two young people will fell in love very soon, and before Diego go back to England to continue his studies, they will make love. Paloma will become pregnant and believing the words of a cheat for offering her a easy job that will make her earn much money, she will end up as a cleaner in whorehouse in Europe. Working hard,,