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05:10 El cuerpo del deseo MO-FR
18:30 (08:00) La tormenta MO - FR

03:30 La mujer en el espejo TU - SA

- Telenovelas' titles written in red means that the novela is repeated.
- If the telenovela was renamed in this country, the local title is written in green in the next line.

El cuerpo del deseo

 Lorena Rojas, Mario Cimarro

Mo - Fr, 05:10 Astro Prima

Imagine having everything, imagive finding love, imagine loosing it all, imagine being able to get it back... This is the story of Pedro Jose Donoso, a wealthy man who at 67 years old get everything he's ever wanted , including the love of a stunningly beautiful young woman, Isabel Arrayo. What were to happen if his destiny has already been written and his time is up? There are men that will not resign themselves to loosing Pedro Jose Donoso will return to rescue what belongs to him, though he will return in the body of another man.Salvador Cerinza is the humbles young farmhand whos very dedicated to his family. Due to the peculiar turns of destiny, Pedro Jose and Salvador both die at the same time. Pedro Joses spirit needs (more...)