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12:15 Luna la heredera MO - FR
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18:30 Luna la heredera MO - FR

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 Luna finds herself alone and full of animosity against Mauricio,) whom she blames for all the events that have occurred.Luna arrives in the city hurt and deceived. She meets Rodrigo Lombardo, who falls deeply in love with her. However, the girl keeps a prudent distance with him, since her heart and mind are with Mauricio Garcia, fighting a love and hate battle.Mauricio finds Luna in the city and wants to help her, but he discovers that she is having an affair with Rodrigo Lombardo, the son of his worst enemy, Esteban Lombardo, whom Mauricio holds responsible for the death of Luna's mother.Thanks to the support of a designer with a woman's soul, Luna becomes a fashion model, and fostered, without her knowing it, by the man who has a place in her heart, but not her head, Mauricio Garcia, she is very successful in the fashion world, although she is always dreaming of going back home to find out who was responsible for her mother's death.The love story between Luna and Mauricio has to face envy, manipulation, dissension and passions... the two characters debate between hate and a very strong love, surrounded by various characters that following their obscure interests, try very hard to keep them apart.. (more...)

Luna la heredera

Starring: Gaby Espino, Christian Meier 

MO - FR, 18:30 MBC 2
repeats: MO-FR 12:15 MBC1 

"Luna la heredera"is a love story between Luna, a young woman from the coast, who is forced to abandon her home as a result of her mother's murder and, Mauricio García, a successful and passionate man seeking revenge for his past.In the turmoil of his revenge desire, Mauricio finds out that Esteban Lombardo, his worst enemy, is interested in the lands belonging to Luna, to build a hotel compound, something that Luna would never allow.Mauricio decides to support Luna's mother's negative to sell the land, without considering that Lombardo's interest was so strong that the woman ends up dead, for her refusal to sell.