Last update: 01.01.2008

12:00 Canaveral de pasiones MO - FR
16:00 Al diablo con los guapos  MO - FR
18:00 Palabra de mujer MO - FR
19:00 Tormenta en el paraiso MO - FR
20:30 Yo amo a juan Querendon MO - FR
21:30 Pasion MO - FR
coming soon:Fuego en la sagre replacing Pasion (Jan'08)

13:00 La hija del jardinero MO - FR
Amor en custodia 
          (Pasiones Prohibidas) MO - FR
19:15 Bellezas indomables MO - FR
20:30 Se busca un hombre MO - FR
21:30 Mientras haya vida M
O - FR

08:00 Sin codigo MO - FR
10:30 Amor mio MO - FR
18:30 Prisionera MO - FR

14:30 Amigas y rivales MO - FR
22:30 La duena MO - FR
23:30 Lazos de amor MO - FR

XHGC - Canal 5 Televisa

20:00 Lola, erase una vez MO - FR

- Telenovelas' titles written in red means that the novela is repeated.
- If the telenovela was renamed in this country, the local title is written in green in the next line.

Starring: Gabriela Spanic,
Mauricio Islas

Mo - Fr, 18:30 
MVS Canal 52

Guadalupe is a beautiful young woman who is sentenced to prison after being accused of murdering her rapist. Guadalupe is left pregnant and, while in jail, she gives birth to a girl. However, due to her dire situation, she asks her older sister to take care of the baby until she regains her freedom.Fifteen years later, Guadalupe's good behavior grants her parole, but in an unexpected turn of events, she is forced to escape from jail. As she is chased by the police, she manages to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, where she meets Daniel Moncada , and it is love at first sight. From that very moment, Guadalupe and Daniel fall madly in love and set off in an intense, dangerous, and sometimes humorous adventure. Unfortunately, what neither of them suspects, is that a terrible secret will tear them apart. (more...)

Amor en custodia
Starring: Margarita Gralia, Sergio Basañez

Mo - Fr, 14:00 Canal 13

Paz Achaval Urien is as beautiful, intelligent and an elegant woman. Her family is the proud owner of an important brewery. This successful businesswoman and millionaire is married to Alejandro, a cold and unfaithful man that has an affair with Carolina, the exclusive model of the brewery. Paz has never loved him, and he married her because of the social status she represents. Paz stopped dreaming with having her own love story a long time ago. She no longer imagines the passionate, tender man she could love. Leaving the woman she is aside, Paz has decided to focus on Barbara, her youngest daughter. Barbara is a shallow beauty who knows very well how to manipulate others. Unfortunately, she is used to having all she wants,  (more...)