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10:00 Camaleona MO - FR
11:00 Sin Verguenza MO - FR
14:00 Mi gorda bella MO - FR
19:00 Madre Luna MO - FR
20:00 Dame Chocolate MO - FR
23:30 Amores Cruzados MO - FR

10:00 La mujer de mi vida MO - FR
11:00 Maria la del barrio MO - FR
13:00 Amor sin maquillaje MO - FR
14:00 Palabra de mujer MO - FR
15:00 Heridas de amor MO - FR
19:30 Pasion MO - FR
20:30 Hasta que la plata nos separe MO - FR

- Telenovelas' titles written in red means that the novela is repeated.
- If the telenovela was renamed in this country, the local title is written in green in the next line.

Maria la del barrio
, 11:00 Telemetro


Starring: Thalia, Fernando Colunga


Maria is a humble girl from the slums who goes to work to Don Fernando de la Vega's mansion when left alone in the world. She is there despised by Doña Victoria and Luis Fernando, Don Femando's wife and son, respectively.
Soraya, supposedly Luis Fernandos cousin, wants to marry him. Therefore, she also becomes Marias enemy and aids Luis Fernando and his mother. Maria decisively and without fear confronts them. Luis Fernando is not able to dominate Maria and decides to court her in order to


Dame chocolate

Monday - Friday
, 20:00 

A chocolate recipe leads to fortune; but it doesn’t negate the struggle for love and acceptance. When Rosita’s mother dies in childbirth, her grandmother, Dulce, decides to raise her. As a child Rosita was not the most outwardly beautiful little girl. But, with her grandmother’s love and affection, she developed a beautiful inner spirit. Nevertheless, growing up, children teased Rosita about her appearance.She did eventually make friends; however, the friendships were not genuine. Children befriended Rosita because she shared with them some of the most delicious chocolates they had ever tasted. Rosita made them from an old family recipe – a recipe known only to her and her grandmother. Rosita’s life takes an unexpected turn when her grandfather, Juan Amado, awards  (more...)