Last update: 16.01.2009

08.00 Pecados ajenos MO - FR
10.00 Dance dance dance MO - FR
16.00 Pecados ajenos MO - FR
17.00 09:00 Zorro:la espada y la rosa MO - FR

15:00 12:30 LaLola MO - FR
19:30 10:35 Rebelde 2 MO - FR

Tele 5

Polonia 1

12:00 Da cor do pecado MO-FR

09:55 Perla Negra MO - FR 

19:05 Tu o Nadie MO - FR

19:30 Celeste MO - FR

- Telenovelas' titles written in red means that the novela is repeated.
- If the telenovela was renamed in this country, the local title is written in green in the next line.

Zorro: La espada y la rosa

17:00, 09:00 PULS MO-FR 
 Christian Meier and
Marlene Favela

"Zorro: La Espada y la Rosa” features the adventures and romance of this legendary hero, who’s true identity is Diego de la Vega, a refined and wealthy man. What few know is that Diego is also a mysterious character, who dresses in black and protects the less fortunate; a hero known by all as “Zorro.” The story unravels when Diego de la Vega, son of military officer Alejandro de la Vega meets the enchanting Esmeralda, the.. (more...)

Da cor do pecado

Starring: Tais Araujo,
Reynaldo Giannechinni,
Lima Duarte, Giovanna Antonelli

Mon - Fri, 
12:00 TVN Siedem

Twin brothers are separated in childhood and they grow up without knowing about each other. As adults, they suffer an accident in the same place, at the same time. One disappears in the ocean and the other decides to assume his identity. Years later, as he finds out he has a son and that the woman he loves did not cheat on him, he decides to reclaim his true identity.