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06:00 America MO - FR
09:05 La viuda de Blanco MO - FR
15:30 Amarte asi, Frijolito MO - FR
13:00 La fea mas bella MO - FR
17:30 Marina MO - FR
18:30 Destilando amor MO - FR

- Telenovelas' titles written in red means that the novela is repeated.
- If the telenovela was renamed in this country,the local title is written in green in the next line.

Destilando Amor 

Angelica Rivera, 
Eduardo Yanez

MO - FR, 19:00 PINK M

The picturesque Mexican town of Tequila, Jalisco, is the backdrop for a gripping love story; a love as ardent, pure and strong as the famous distilled liquor that bears the name of this warm and fertile region where it is produced.

 Teresa Hernandez, known by her pet name "Gaviota" (seagull), is a field hand who travels the country with her mother, Clara, following the harvest route. Every year, they return to Tequila for the "jima" of the blue agave cactus at the La Montalveņa hacienda, owned by Don Amador, the patriarch of the Montalvo clan, who have been in the tequila business for generations. When this story begins, Don Amador knows that his end is near and decides to spend his last days in this land that is so dear to him. After his passing, the family gathers for his funeral. His grandsons, Rodrigo and his cousin Aaron, arrive from London, where they are studying for their Doctorate. The two cousins have been raised almost as brothers, but their grandfather's will awakens Aaron's greed, for it states that the first male offspring of either of them will have full control of the family fortune. Aaron is confident, though, because he knows that Rodrigo has never been able to consummate a relationship. But events will take an unexpected turn when Rodrigo meets Gaviota (more...)

La viuda de Blanco

Itati Cantoral,
Fransisco Gattorno

MO - FR, 09:05 FOX


A very strange woman arrives in the town of Trinidad; she comes in search of her past. Her name is Alicia Guadiola, a widow and the mother of two very young and identical twins who are under the protection and care of their paternal grandmother, the very respected and much feared "Dona" Perfecta Albarracin de Blanco. Alicia returns to town of Trinidad will provoke immediate rejection from the members of the Blanco family as well as from their allies, who will create endless obstacles so as the prevent at all costs that she may recover her children. On the other hand, the arrival of this beautiful woman to Trinidad will set the main course in the destiny of the town and (more..)