Last update: 01.01.2008


13:00 Madre Luna MO-SA
14:00 Madre Luna MO - SA
16:00 Angelica Pecado MO - SA
21:00 Mi prima ciela MO - SA
22:00 Toda una dama MO - SA

00:45 Cabocla TU-SU
01:15 Sos mi vida TU - SU
13:00 La hija del mariachi MO - SA
14:00 Amor en custodia 
          (Pasiones Prohibidas)
  MO - SA
21:00 Arroz con leche MO - SA
22:00 Aunque mal Paguen MO - SA
23:00 Pasion MO - SA

09:00 La vida es una cancion MO - SA
10:00 Lo que callamos las mujeres MO - SA
13:00 Marina MO - SA
14:00 Duelo de pasiones MO - SA

15:00 Se busca un hombre MO - SA
21:00 El clavel y la rosa MO - SA

22:00 Padre Coraje MO - SA

- Telenovelas' titles written in red means that the novela is repeated.
- If the telenovela was renamed in this country, the local title is written in green in the next line.

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Sos mi vida
Starring: Natalia Oreiro, Facundo Arana

TU-SU, 01:15 Venevision
The beautiful Esperanza is a super featherweight fighter, who is forced to leave the boxing ring after an unexpected injury. She decides to look for a new job to support her good-for-nothing boyfriend Quique and his mother. In her search for work, she arrives at the Quesada company, owned by the handsome Martin. The two meet by chance and fall in love at first sight. A widower, Martin has abandoned his love of car racing following the tragic death of his wife and is about to remarry the ambitious and frivolous Constanza. Martin decides to hire Esperanza as his personal assistant and she gradually becomes an integral part of his life, especially after (more..)

Amor en custodia
Starring: Margarita Gralia, Sergio Basañez

Mo - Fr, 14:00 Venevision

Paz Achaval Urien is as beautiful, intelligent and an elegant woman. Her family is the proud owner of an important brewery. This successful businesswoman and millionaire is married to Alejandro, a cold and unfaithful man that has an affair with Carolina, the exclusive model of the brewery. Paz has never loved him, and he married her because of (more...)